Available Gunnpod Vapes from 27/05/2022


2000 PUFF4000 Puffs 3000 Puffs – NEW1400 PuffsNicotine Free
Banana PapayaBlackberry IceBlue RazApple Pear (NA)Blueberry Ice
Blueberry IceBlue RazzFruit MonsterBanana Papaya (NA)Blueberry Raspberry
Blueberry RaspberryCola IceGrape IceBlackberry (NA)Grape (NA)
Classic Tobacco (NA)Fruit MonsterJelly BerryFrozen BerryHoneypush Ice
Cola IceFruit Club (NA)Lemon Iced ColaGrapeLush Ice
GrapeGrape IceLush IceLush IceMango Ice
Honey PushIceLush IceMix BerryMelon BERRYMixed Berry
Lush IceMaxi EnergyMixing Red BerriesPassionfruit mangoPeach Ice
Lychee IceMango Ice (NA)Strawberry KiwiPineapplePineaple
Mango Guava (NA)PassionfruitStrawberry LushStrawberry KIWIRaspberry Mint
Mango IceStrawberry Kiwi

Strawberry Kiwi 
Maxi EnergyStrawberry Lush (NA)

Strawberry Lush
Milk Tea

Blackberry Ice
Mixed Berry

Cool Mint
Passionfruit (NA)

Passionfruit Mango (NA)

Peach Ice

Pina Colada (NA)


Raspberry Mint (NA)

Strawberry Kiwi


Strawberry Lush

Blackberry Ice

Cool Mint (NA)

Fruit Monster

APPLE  Cherry


Apple Bomb

Sweetsour Berry

2 thoughts on “Available Gunnpod Vapes from 27/05/2022

  1. Ali says:

    Hey i was wondering if you have luch ice (gunpod) the smal red bar i cant find it in any store
    Im waiting for your reply

    1. David says:

      will be in stock next week

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